For many housing organizations today, the thought of upgrading your software system can seem like a challenging and expensive proposition. You might find yourself asking the following questions:

• Will you just be trading old problems for new ones?

• Does the new system have enough value, or will you quickly outgrow its capabilities?

While the idea of holding onto that old system might seem like a great way to save money, here are seven ways that switching to Doorways can save your organization money, make things easier for your team, and make things better for the people that matter most – your end users.

1. Stay secure and save a small fortune in the long run.

The Doorways system and its inventory backups are saved on Amazon S3, a world-class storage system built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the Internet, with a 99.999999999% durability of stored objects over a given year. Think of it this way: if you store 10 million objects with S3, you can expect to incur an average loss of a single object once every 10,000 years.

So what does safe, secure data mean for your bottom line? For starters, there’s no need for constant system backups or costly server repairs every few years. What’s more, the superior system security you get with Doorways ensures a higher level of prevention against expensive hacking and ransomware attacks.

According to recent studies, government organizations are the most commonly attacked in North America, at just over 15% of all reported incidents of ransomware attacks in 2020. The projected average cost of downtime caused by ransomware attacks in 2021 is $380,000 per incident.

When you do the math, it’s not hard to see why Doorways is a smart choice for protecting your data, and your bottom line.

2. Training made (so much) easier.

The time spent on software training for new and current employees can really add up. That’s why Doorways offers a straightforward, intuitive navigation that lets users dive right in. What’s more, we created the WalkMe feature: a powerful, yet easy-to-use virtual training tool that quickly gets new team members up to speed. It’s also great for employees that need a quick tutorial or help with learning new responsibilities within the system, saving you valuable training time at every level of your organization.

3. No paper. No problem.

The Doorways system is designed to let you go virtually paperless. That means not only cutting the cost of printer paper and toner, but also eliminating the need for massive rooms to house all those printouts. While we’re on the subject of paperless reporting, Doorways is great for eliminating those costly errors associated with paper forms, spreadsheets, and time-consuming data entry.

“Going to Doorways from paper was a big deal, and it improved how we could monitor and report on work orders. It’s more accurate and easier to retrieve data and analyze what’s happening in our operations because of the real-time processing.”
– Arne W.
Maintenance Manager at Navajo Housing Authority

4. Simply better compliance.

Doorways was designed with compliance in mind, so when audits happen, your team isn’t forced to scramble through last minute adjustments or reviews. No costly overtime or expensive penalties – and better yet, a no-stress approach to inspections and audits.

“Doorways was designed to help your team be more efficient and comply with policy. Our goal is to help our partners set up a framework to consistently apply policies, from waiting list management and rent calculations, to annual and interim re-certifications, inspection scheduling and tracking, inventory tracking, and report compilation.”
– James
Kanso Account Manager

5. Powerfully effective, even at a distance.

In today’s new normal, what good is a software system if you can’t access it remotely? Doorways offers centralized access to data in the cloud, anytime, anywhere. Employees who are sick or on-leave can work remotely, upping your productivity potential while protecting your most precious asset: your people.

6. Software that does more – and saves more.

In addition to its many affordable housing management capabilities, Doorways actually handles many of the IT tasks that employees are normally responsible for, from server management and software updates to data security, backup, and restoration. In fact, the Doorways Premium package does all this for less than half the cost of a comparable full-time employee making $15 per hour. Talk about a great investment.

7. Built to last – and here to stay.

Investing in a new system can often feel like taking a step into the unknown. When you choose to partner with Doorways, you’re working with a team that brings 30 years of proven experience to the table. We developed Doorways to meet the changing needs of modern housing organizations with an approach built on integrity, innovation, and a heart for humanity. Simply put, we’re not just here to stay. We’re here to empower the important work you do every day.

To learn more about how Doorways can add value to your organization, we invite you to get a custom quote today by emailing or calling (303) 308 – 1000 x140