Markets We Serve
Learn more about the organizations and people we help every day

Markets We Serve
Learn more about the organizations and people we help every day

Markets We Serve
Learn more about the organizations and people we help every day

Kanso serves public, native, and affordable housing sectors at large.

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Our software has been the preferred tribal housing management system for decades, first with HDSWin and now with its newest web based housing management platform. Kanso’s solutions are trusted by more than 250 Native American tribes.

The housing management challenges faced by Native American tribes are unlike those of traditional public housing. Our decades of experience working with and listening to our tribal partners had made us the leader.

Kanso’s solutions help your tribe provide safe and affordable housing, while honoring your sovereign nation’s traditions and needs. We also enable your tribe to manage HUD housing assistance grants in ways that align with your unique heritage.


The U.S. has over 4,000 public housing authorities — and the rules that govern them are extremely complex.

Our decades of experience with native communities taught us that combining multiple tools from other industries in an attempt to serve the PHA market would not produce anything helpful. Knowing this, we started from the ground up and built a solution specifically made for public housing.

Over 270 U.S. public housing authorities trust Kanso to help them manage complex business operations and make data-driven decisions.



Our proven, people-oriented housing management engine is well suited for providers that manage services for the homeless communities.

Kanso can be configured to manage the complex and often unpredictable components of these neighbors moving in and out of homeless services, be it Rapid Re-Housing or Permanent Supportive Housing in nature. With Kanso, your organization can ensure the careful distribution of limited resources while managing your relationship with landlords, housing specialists and others who serve these people in need.


Learn more about how Kanso can help your organization simplify and humanize the complexities of public housing.