Kanso Software is proud to announce the launch of a brand new learning tool for our revolutionary Doorways application. The TeachMe course app is seamless and easy to use, whether you’re training new employees on Doorways – or giving your current team a refresher course.

TeachMe is an automated app that lets you learn as you use Doorways. No switching back and forth between screens or systems. Just learn at your pace, while tracking your progress.

For organizations in the Public Housing, Homeless CoC, and Tribal Housing sectors, this tool is a game changer, empowering your maintenance, occupancy and finance departments to get the training help they need – when and where they need it most. And because the TeachMe app is always free for Doorways users, you’ll save big on your training and onboarding budgets.

Getting up to speed on new software can be challenging for anyone. Doorways with the new TeachMe app makes things so much easier – and turns productive work time into powerful learning opportunities, every time.

To learn more about the app, please contact our support team at support@kansosoftware.com or give us a call at (303) 308-1000 (ext. 1).

You’re also invited to schedule a demo of Doorways today by emailing sales@kansosoftware.com or calling (303) 308-1000 (ext. 140).