Let’s face it: change is hard. That can even include the exciting kind of changes, like your organization upgrading to a premium software platform like the Doorways system by Kanso Software.

Whether you’re making the move from HDSWin, or another software altogether, chances are your team has been using it for a long time – maybe even decades. They probably feel a level of comfort and familiarity with the old system, and the thought of switching to a new process can seem daunting, arbitrary, or just plain unnecessary.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. We hear from clients all the time about this very situation, which is why we’ve put together this checklist to help you empower your team to not just accept the new software, but actually embrace it as the game-changing upgrade it is for them – and the end users you serve.

1. Communicate the “why and how” early and often.

Sometimes, employees tend to resist new technology or processes in the workplace because they don’t understand why it matters, and how it can actually enhance the work they do. That’s why it’s a great idea to communicate as early as possible on what exactly is happening, how it impacts them, and why the change is good for the organization as a whole, the employee, and the end users they serve. In other words, give your team context and transparency as you work to help them understand the tremendous upside they can look forward to.

2. Diversify your approach.

Instead of having only one kickoff meeting, or a single email announcement about the software upgrade, try putting together a series of announcements and participatory events to help your team get familiar with the new software. That might mean a written guide and scheduled in-person or video trainings sessions. And speaking of video, you might want to put together some basic on-demand how-to videos that your team can reference at their own pace.

Don’t forget: we recently launched a brand new learning tool for the Doorways application. It’s called TeachMe, and it lets your team get the training help they need when they need it.

3. Turn your early adopters into “Employee Experts.”

Chances are, you have at least a few people on your team that are highly tech friendly, or are what we call early adopters. We recommend inviting them to participate as Employee Experts that learn the software early on and then serve as guides and ambassadors for the software rollout as the rest of your team gets to know the technology.

4. Make it personal.

Similar to the previous tip, this one’s all about the power of inclusive participation. As you prepare to launch the software, or reveal new features, consider inviting members of your team to help present the new software. This not only helps them feel appreciated – it also helps break the translation barrier to the rest of your team as they learn about the technology through the perspective of a fellow teammate.

5. Embrace the feedback loop.

If you’re still getting a lot of resistance from your team, you might want to focus on a few ways to get individual feedback. That could include scheduling individual meetings, creating team emails and surveys, or just informal discussion time. The point is to encourage them to share their concerns or issues with leadership, and then address those issues in an atmosphere of encouragement and respect. The introverts in your group will probably appreciate the chance to share their true feelings. What’s more, the discussion itself can become a learning tool for your team as you walk them through potential solutions.

6. Create a sandbox approach to learning.

Your team needs to know that they’re allowed to have a learning curve with your new software – and that their mistakes won’t cost them their jobs. The sandbox approach simply means giving employees the freedom to try and fail on their way to gaining true expertise.

And speaking of the sandbox approach, don’t be afraid to leverage the fun factor, and by that, we mean incorporating a game or friendly competition into the training or onboarding activities. For example, team members might earn badges or micro-credentials as they complete various sections of the training.

Haven’t made the switch to Doorways yet?

If your organization hasn’t upgraded to the Doorways platform yet, now is great time to learn more about our software – and how it can transform your team’s impact. We invite you to reach out today!

To learn more about the app, please contact our support team at support@kansosoftware.com or give us a call at (303) 308-1000 (ext. 1).

You’re also invited to schedule a demo of Doorways today by emailing sales@kansosoftware.com or calling (303) 308-1000 (ext. 140).