Easily manage payments, deposits and more. All in one place.

Easily manage payments, deposits and more. All in one place.

Easily manage payments, deposits and more. All in one place.

With Doorways, you don’t have to be a CPA or experienced accountant. All transactions associated with your tenants, or specific housing units, can be found effortlessly.

  • Tenant Ledger
  • Loans
  • Batch Payments
  • Correspondence
  • Deposits
  • Billing Statements
  • Repayment Agreements
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Tenant Ledger
Finances in a simple, familiar interface with a look and feel modeled after online financial applications. No more digging around and searching for key tenant financial records.

You’re not just receiving money from tenants — you need to move the funds into your bank, too. With Doorways, making deposits to your own financial institution is straightforward and fast.

Do you make loans to tenants? Doorways has you covered. Whether it involves different terms, unique amortization, or inconsistent payments, Doorways lessens the headaches of managing loans.

Batch Payments
The batch payments feature in Doorways is perfect for those times when you receive a large check from a single entity, such as a casino or other organization, to cover rent for multiple tenants. Select the tenant and the amount to be paid, and Doorways handles the rest.

Billing Statements
Whether you need to generate a billing statement for one tenant, or multiple tenants, Doorways makes the process a breeze. Doorways eliminates the need (and the extra work) to mail individual billing statements to your tenants. Create a group. Review. Send away!

Repayment Agreements
Unfortunately, tenants can struggle to keep up with rent and other bills. Doorways simplifies setting up and managing repayment plans.

Simplify the time-consuming activity of creating letters and other tenant correspondence. Choose from built-in templates, or create your own, and automatically generate the communication you need.


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